Heather M Decker - technical artist

A Course of Action (ACOA)


Producer - Wearing Many Hats - Pipeline - Scripting
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After Team Mishap's first student IGF entry, Julia's Magnificent Mishap, we reassembled the independent team for IGF 2012. Our second project, A Course of Action (ACOA) utilized Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, as well as a newly modified version of our programmer's Flash game engine.

I was primarily the Producer, scheduling and coordinating the team of nine students. Due to the volunteer nature of the project, I also assumed the role of a float, pitching in on a variety of planning, asset pipeline, and effects tasks, as well as acting as a junior programmer. Elements I worked on included coding the manipulation device cooldown UI, creating functional menu navigation and tutorial screens, tweaking the particle effects, and developing interface elements such as the HUD and various UI indicators.

The team is proud to have entered IGF twice now and is currently working on another game.


A Course of Action Julia's Magnificent Mishap

Process Pieces

Options explored for art implementation with the procedural level system ACOA manipulation device script

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