Heather M Decker - technical artist

Ad Lib Factory


User Interface Design - Scripting - App Wireframe - Documentation
Ad Lib Factory - digital wireframe


For a user interface class, I decided to experiment with an application concept for Android phones, a sort of Mad Libs idea with social network integration and possible coop. For the basic wireframe and user interface development, I focused on just producing one "story" and otherwise giving suggestions of how the finished product would function.

The process started with documenting the initial concept and creating user personas. I then crafted paper prototypes and used them to test the basic interactivity before creating the digital wireframe in Flash. Using Flash allowed for both remote testing and in-person testing using my Android phone.

Process Pieces

Ad Lib Factory - paper prototype


Ad Lib Factory Ad Lib Factory - on my phone


Ad Lib Factory Design Plan

PDF (24.3 KB)