Heather M Decker-Davis - technical artist

Bar Commander


Game Design - Documentation - Scripting - User Interface
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After having guest bartended frequently at a local venue, I became inspired by the dynamics of the job. It's a hectic balance of keeping up with the needs of the customers and removing potential problems from the environment.

Having also been interested in tapping into the Facebook market, I set out to design something that could be enjoyed in short sessions, customized, and also offer a social sharing aspect. After writing a basic design document, with mock-ups I created in Illustrator, I built a simple prototype of the crowd-serving mechanic. Customers approach and want a certain type of drink. If they are not served in a timely fashion, they become furious, leave, and reduce your morale. The prototype was scripted in AS3. I wrote custom classes for the game itself, patrons, and a crowd controller to orchestrate their spawning.


Bar Commander Bar Commander - a busy night


Battle Blox GDD

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