Heather M Decker - technical artist

Easy Money?


Game Design - 3D Modeling - Texture Mapping - Scripting - Unity

Easy Money? (Offline version, no high scores) Easy Money? game video clip
A live version of the game, including Facebook integration for high scores, can be played here (Facebook login required.)


Easy Money? was the project component of my MFA thesis on difficulty progression in procedurally generated spaces, accompanied by a research paper and presentation. The final game was executed in C# in Unity 3D, with art assets created using 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

For final production, I brought on colleagues for programming, sound design, and music so I could primarily concentrate on game design and art tasks.

My design duties included developing the concept, prototyping, devising playtesting strategies, and iterating the design based on the collected data. Art activities included developing the look and feel, creating all 2D and 3D art assets, establishing an art pipeline for asset integration, and creating particle effects.


Thesis Paper

PDF (1.51 MB)


Thesis Blog

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Easy Money final game screenshot Easy Money? Facebook High Scores

Process Pieces

Early sketches exploring modular pieces for procedural level generation Early Game Maker prototype with static level design Basic game mechanics prototype in Unity A procedurally generated level layout in Unity