Heather M Decker - technical artist

Julia's Magnificent Mishap


Producer - Wearing Many Hats - Implementation - Scripting
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During my first year of graduate studies with Savannah College of Art and Design, I raised campus awareness of the Independent Games Festival by contacting faculty and student groups, and eventually organized and led a remote team of students to produce a gameplay demo for our concept. Our project utilized Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator, as well as a Flash game engine created from scratch by our programmer.

Overall, it was a rich learning experience. I coordinated the project entirely outside of classes, without any instructor supervision. My initial role was producer. At the beginning of the project, I put together a visualization image to illustrate our concept. During our final weeks, I picked up a variety of tasks. I personally completed a majority of the level design implementation, worked on navigation scripting, created the UI graphics, assembled the intro sequence, and took charge of sound, in order to ensure we met our deadline for the festival.


Julia's Magnificent Mishap Julia's Magnificent Mishap

Process Pieces

Julia's Magnificent Mishap early visualization image

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