Heather M Decker - technical artist

Unreal Team Mod


Leadership - Project Planning - Kismet - Visual Effects - Unreal Engine


For this project, we were given a full Game Design Document, entitled Zimri's Seal of Days. As a team, we chose which level to construct over our eleven week course. The big challenge was taking a RPG concept and bending it to a FPS-style game engine!
I was assigned Tech Lead, which meant coordinating with the other team leads, as well as scheduling and organizing my own team. Much of my work involved communication, but I also personally produced the triggered text captions, trigger zones used with the AI, fire particle emitter, flickering light effects, and main event matinee.
The end product was a huge level including interiors and exteriors, which carried out story-based events.


Ad Lib Factory Design Plan

PDF (24.3 KB)


Temporal Diffusion GDD

Zipped UT3 files (17 MB)